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Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications, whilst a component of Crisis Management, has a specific focus on the management of stakeholder needs and expectations, including, but not limited to media engagement.

See below for ACBC's Crisis Communication services.

See also related Crisis Management services.

Crisis Communications: Services
Crisis communications planning

Crisis Communications planning

Whether in the form of consulting or procedural development, ACBC can support:

  • Crisis Communication Team formulation - creating strategic and tactical tiers within the crisis management framework with accompanying roles and responsibilities

  • Crisis Media engagement - developing protocols, tools and templates for both traditional and social media interaction

  • Crisis Communication logistics - ensuring that physical supporting resources are fit for purpose e.g. 'war-room' set up, press conference facilities

Crisis Communications training

Crisis Communications training

As with a wider Crisis Management programme, it is vital to validate and embed arrangements with those charged to undertake them. ACBC delivers training services including:

  • Crisis Communications Team coaching - interactive sessions covering strategic and tactical communications protocols, stakeholder management, media engagement etc

  • Media Spokesperson training - best practice coaching and 'live' scenario rehearsals to prepare spokespeople for media engagement through both print and broadcast channels.

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